Monday, March 30, 2015

Meet Chelsea!

This gal is amazing!  She started out as our #1 customer back in the "basement" days and would show up to swap with her mom along with her bubbly personality. Once we moved to our new location she offered to volunteer to help us out (our first ever volunteer, which lead to our amazing volunteer program). Chelsea became part-time staff a year ago this March and continues to be the hard-working, bubbly gal we love (as do our customers)!

Full Name: Chelsea Freeman
Reason for working at UpShift: I love clothes and having a variety of options in my closet.  Working at UpShift allows me to fuel my passion for clothes while being cost effective.

Favorite thing about UpShift: Unlike most stores UpShift appeals to such a wide customer base because we carry all styles.  I also like how customers and myself can try different styles "risk free" with almost no cost.  UpShift encourages trying new things in your life and we start the trend with clothes.

Favorite memory at UpShift: The first time I went to UpShift it was during the "basement" days when it was located in Lindsay's basement.  My friend and I were like, "Umm, what is this place" as we approached the house.  Every time I work at the boutique now i look around and see how far it's come.  It's pretty cool to reflect back!

Favorite item from the store: There have been so many!  I love the purses I find, sweater dresses, and sheer shirts!

Personal style: my style reflects my life routine.  I've been known to have 3 outfit changes in one day.  Something really fun I've adopted is a "weekly theme" for my clothes.  Each week I pick a theme such as animal prints, sparkles, rosy posy pink and cozy sweaters, etc. All my work outfits reflect the theme.  My co-workers have enjoyed seeing all the UpShift inspired fashions I come up with.  I mainly dress for occasions and activities.  I can be found in anything from a dress to yoga pants, it truly depends on the adventures of my day.

Style icon: no one:)  I just do my own thing.  I enjoy looking at displays in the stores to get ideas.

Something the UpShift world doesn't know about you:  I hate being rushed.  I'm pretty particular on how I do things in my life, for example I only like soda from the just tastes better.  I also like the apartment clean before leaving for a weekend.  I also love decorating my fireplace mantel for every holiday.

Favorite song or band: Anything country!

Drink of choice: Sweet tea lemonade, both as an Arnold Palmer or hard cider.

Ideal vacation: I dream of going on one of the those all inclusive trips where all my drinks and food is covered, the kind you see advertised on TV.  Do they exist??!!  But in reality anywhere with my boyfriend that has great food and allows us to unplug from our busy lives and phones!

Where else do you work:  I work at a public high school serving students with special needs and a fast food restaurant rocking the drive through window.

Favorite places to hang out in Madison: Downtown, restaurants, The Terrace, shops, garage sales, and in my neighborhood taking walks.

One piece of fashion advice: Have fun with clothes!  Lots of people are afraid of fashion style and clothes for a variety of reasons.  Every day is a chance to play "dress up" and if you don't completely love the look you can do something different the next day.  It's really hard not to get down on ourselves for our appearance and body or circumstances when everywhere we go we're being put down.  UpShift exists to lift our customers up and encourage everyone to embrace their unique style.  It's okay to love clothes, it's okay to want to redo your closet, it's okay to wear something a few times and swap it back.  The awesome part of UpShift is it allows the passion for fashion to be done in a cost and environmentally friendly manner.  Don't be afraid, jump in and find out how fun clothes and swapping can be!

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