Thursday, March 12, 2015

New Spring Floorset 2015

Floorset [flawr-set]; noun; a word usually unknown by civilians that have not otherwise worked in a retail setting, but in a retail setting means a way for a clothing store to reset the space with all new trends.

In our case UpShift is unique in that it back stocks off-season items so that when a floorset happens ALL new items come out for swapping.  Literally, every single hanger will be filled with all new items and everything previously on them will be either put in backstock or thrifted to Agrace Hospice Care (local thrift store that keeps everything within our community).

We start the floorset process about a month ahead of the official launch, which takes place on March 27th between 12-8pm with a $5 off discount for the day.  We start by pulling trend sheets and sifting through them to decipher the most pertinent trends for the season.  Once pulled we sift through all the backstocked items (thee best part!!!) and hang it all for retrending.  It is all restyled by our merchandiser so that it's all ready for the launch on Friday, March 27th from 12-8pm.

Trends for spring 2015:

1. Military with a tropic twist

2. Nautical stripes with florals

3. Bright tribal/safari

4. Bold candy stripes

5. Soft pastel pinks

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