Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Year's Outfits

It's time to sparkle and shine for NYE celebrations!  Whether you're staying in with friends or going out or hitting a New Year's gala you're going to need an outfit.  Here are 5 to inspire the diva in you.

Staying in with friends? No worries, you can still look fab:

Hitting the bars with friends, here you go:

Going club hopping with the gals, look no further:

Going to a co-workers party, easy-peasy with this pop of color:

Making an appearance at a New Year's gala (it's a thing), then voile:

Now go crank some Bette Midler (why, Bette?  Not sure, it just seems super divaesque)  and try on the glitz and glam, if you need more ideas come on in and we'll give stylist advice as always.  Also, hint hint....cobalt blue is where it's at this holiday season!

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