Monday, December 28, 2015

12 Best Shoes from Upshift

As the owner I get to swap up (and I commit to swapping, or my closet would be HUGE) whenever I see the need (about once per month).  Through this incredible journey of owning the best swap shop evaaa I've acquired quite the amazing shoe collection. Without further ado, here are the top 12.

Monro Ankle Boots, 100% leather*

Gucci Flats

Frye Boots, 100% leather*

Toms Lace Up, Brand new in the box

Dolce Vita, Lazer cut leather*

Nine West Ankle Bootie with Studs, 100% leather*

Bass Pennyloafer, Retro 80's and 100% leather*

Ralph Lauren Flats, 100% leather*

Woodies by Jeff Campbel, Faux fur and leather

Anne Klein Pumps, 100% leather*

Levi Strauss Bumper, 100% comfort

Hanover Flat Lace Up, 100% leather*
*Note on leather and animal hide fashion: I prefer to not eat meat because I love animals more than anything (notice I didn't say I'm vegan, vegetarian, or a non-meat eater.  My hubby, Dustin, has a culinary background and every once in a while meat is ethically acquired, prepared, eaten, and enjoyed at our dinner table.  However, let it be known I prefer fish or veggies over a good slab of meat.  When it comes to fashion I LOVE the look, quality, and fit of genuine leather whether it's a purse, a jacket, shoes, or pants.  So, I commit to wearing second hand leather because the animal sacrificed it's hide long ago (and we know that they serenaded that animal to death and then a unicorn sprinkled glitter on it to remove the hide so that the garment or accessory could be created).  Long story short, I wear second hand leather because the animal was already sacrificed and should be honored.  Call it a lame excuse, but it's how I make it all ok in my own brain.


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