Monday, December 14, 2015

Menswear Trend for Women

Dude looks like a lady, or other way around.  There's a huge movement toward blurring the lines between feminine and masculine looks as well as an awareness of what it means to dress more feminine if you're a male or dressing more masculine if you're a female.  It's easy to add a menswear vibe to your wardrobe and this video lays it out pretty simply.

Blazer = must have in your closet

Pair with pointy pumps to keep it feminine

Vest = dare to wear once and you'll be addicted

Pair with a pop of color and a crisp white shirt and a feminine necklace for optimum affect

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  1. As a man and a sales agent, it is important to look good most of the time since I am talking to many clients and when I am not busy I am in the Men's wear section of a store to buy new clothes.