Thursday, December 24, 2015

Take the Minimalist Christmas Challenge

At Upshift we're all about being sustainable, minimalist, or thrifty.  Take this challenge and see how many you can check off:

1. Save gift wrapping or boxes to reuse next year (bonus if you don't buy any new, and reuse all the saved items)

2. Regift something as a money saving and waste saving tactic

3. Wear the same outfit Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (or to two different holiday events)

4. Save your wine bottles and do family craft night on Christmas evening.

5. Bake leftovers into something amazing, give to an elderly neighbor or friend, or freeze for later on.

6.  As a gift to your closest girlfriend, niece, or daughter, let her go through your unwanted clothing or accessory items.  Bring leftovers to Upshift!

7. Have a jar on the table during dinner and anytime something negative is spoken that person must give a coin (or more).  At the end of the day bring it to a bell ringer of your choice.

8. Commit to bringing out dinner in courses so the meal is enjoyed.  Bonus, pull a topic card for each course where each person shares on that topic.

9. Create a bin for all electronics (also, commit to keeping the TV off), have a drawing from the bin for a fun gift.

10. Create a minimalist plan with your family for next year's holiday celebration (ie, make gifts, upcycle gifts, no gifts, regift, etc)

Make your own family or friends plan to make sure this holiday is carefree and full of laughter!

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