Wednesday, December 16, 2015

VIP Winter Special

We are running a special for our most loyal customers (that's you, if you're reading this).  It will run now until February 29th, 2016.  You get $5 off your visit if you bring a new customer with you, who will also get $5 off that day.  Yeah, you read that right!

We advertise by word of mouth and it's a very proven method for us, so basically this promo is a win/win for us and for you, our loyal customer.  We depend on you to help us spread the word about our swap system and our mission of sustainability.

*Loyal customer shouts in front of their computer screen, "Wait, how will you track if it's a new customer or not?"

We have the best customers that come and swap with us daily, literally I look forward to all your beautiful faces every day!  With that said (did I butter you up there?), we know that our customers totally get that we run a sound business based on best practices so we know you'll honor our request and bring a newbie.  Also, it's kind of obvious to us when a newbie comes in cause they look a little overwhelmed and hesitant at first.  Most seasoned customer (did we mention we LOVE you) come in, drop their bag, and start perusing after getting a glass of wine.  Ya'll clearly know what your doing!

So, with that said come on down and bring a friend to get our sweet promo! $5 off each.  Just mention the $5 off Newbie promo.

Peace, love, and many thanks to you~


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