Friday, December 18, 2015

Flare Jeans

Flares are swinging back in style.  Don't toss your skinnies just yet, those are great for everyday wear. If you're looking to amp up your style with flares than look no further than Upshift. We have hundreds of styles of flares, and you may still have your old faves deep in your closet.  Hold up before you slap them on and pair with your favorite pieces from your closet.  Flares are back and there's some best practices when donning this easy-to-wear- style.

Number one key component is the shoe you wear with your flares.  See, here's the thing, we all got lazy toward the end of their previous run (ahem, like 10 years ago).  We threw on our favorite flares and a pair of flats with a baby doll style top.  Cute, we looked cozy...and incredibly frumpy, but we were all in it together so it didn't really matter.  Side note, we're hitting that same saturation point with leggings and ugg style boots.  Anyways, back to flares.  This style can, and should look really polishes, sexy, and sleek. How, you ask?  It's a very simple combo of a few things, first the shoe has to have height.  Your shoe should have just enough height that the shoe is covered and the flare grazes (barely grazes) the floor. Next is the top you wear with the flares, you're aiming for an oversized tee shirt or flannel that hits right at the hips, too long and the look becomes frumpy again.  If you wear a coat it should cinch at the waist to create definition and balance with the volume of the flare on the bottom.  Add sexy accessories like a gold watch, aviator sunglasses, and delicate jewelry.

As for fit, you want them to be your old school 70's hip huggers that are fitted well in the waist (no butt cleavage like the early 2000's), and continue that slim fit in the thigh and knee with the flare beginning below the knee and flowing over the shoe.  Don't let the flare drag, it can only graze the floor.

Here's a great pic of the look, along with 4 stylized pics for outfit options.  Now, dig out those flares or swing in and try on ours.

Image credited to Martin Preisler of

Casual yet sexy
Basic tee with trench and super sexy accessories

Hippy dippy
Flowy white top with wood beaded necklace and peep-toe leather wedge

Preppy casual
Flannel with grandpa sweater and leather Mary Janes

Must have shoes
Pointy pumps, stacked pumps, strappy peep toes, and this seasons hottest - platform sandal

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