Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2016 New Year's Challenge

This is such an easy challenge, we're not asking you to drop 10 lbs or give up your wine habit (ohgawd, please do not do that), we are simply asking you to turn your hangers around in your closet. That's it. Turn all your hangers so they are backwards and as the year presses on and you wear your faves you then place those items back in the closet the correct way.  When the season changes or you get to next winter and you still have turned around hangers than you empty all those items into a bag and bring it here to exchange or swap on our online store.  Do not wait a full year to visit us or shop at our online store, however it's a handy dandy way to keep track of all your favorite items as well as your not-so-favorite items.

Challenge accepted.

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