Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Be-All, End-All Outfit

It's the holy grail of fashion- the perfect, versatile outfit that can be worn day or night, week day or weekend.  I believe every fashionista needs this outfit (or similar type outfit) in their arsenal so that on any given day it can be thrown on and worn with confidence.  I analyzed all my favorite outfits and compared them to similar wardrobe choices on Pinterest and figured out the ideal outfit.  So, here you go (drumroll....), thee perfect outfit is built from these simple silhouettes:

Slim fit bottom

Basic tank top

Loose fitting, long sleeve top


Chunky heel boot

Oversized scarf

Minimalistic jewelry

Waferer sunglasses

Voile, all together

Now get hopping and pull these pieces together from your own closet or visit us at to get these pieces.  This outfit literally can be worn during the day at work, into the night at your favorite pub, and on the weekend while out running errands.

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