Monday, December 7, 2015

Client Look Book

I'm an instructor at Madison College in the Fashion Marketing program.  I teach several classes that involve anything relating to fashion and one of my favorite class to teach is Fashion Analysis where the students study the elements of design and apply it to designing a line of clothes.  The students also analyze their own fashion sense as well as a client that we bring in to the classroom.  The students ask pertinent questions and then create a look book on Pinterest that offers ideal style advice to the client based on lifestyle and fashion style.

Sound familiar?  That's because we offer this to our online customers at where customers fill out a stylist form that gets sent to a personal stylist where they custom choose items to ship right to the customers door.  We also offer this service the 3rd Sunday of each month in our Madison boutique from 2-4pm.

In this instance we had a customer, Jen, from our Madison Upshift boutique come to our classroom and get top notch stylist advice.  Jen is a lobbyist for a conservation program and works at the Madison capitol building if she's not traveling throughout the state meeting with key people (mostly men) that specifically work with or against the conservation efforts.  Additionally, she is very social and loves to meet with friends and family when she isn't working.  Jen travels a lot, both personally and professionally.  Jen lives in a condo near downtown making walking and biking her main transportation to and from work, except in the winter when she takes the bus.  Jen prefers skirts, long sleeve tops, and cardigans along with comfortable high heels.  She loves color especially in her handbag and coat choices.  Jen is of German descent and has light brown hair and prefers to wear glasses. Additionally, she doesn't mind showing some leg, but prefers to cover up her arms.

So, with that said, here is what the students of MATC offered as stylist advice-

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  1. Love these! What a great service for UpShift customers!